The Making of the Ugg Boot Part II

Good News: We now use a more advanced method of making the heels. They are now countered and reinforced, adding more structure and strength. We’ve edited this post describing the new process.

Our heels are made using genuine suede leather. They will soon become part of our Euram Ugg boots. Using one of the stencils mentioned in our ‘Making of the Ugg Boot Part 1’ post, each heel is cut from a soft piece of suede leather. Our Euram Ugg label is then sewn onto the middle. A unique type of board is then attached to the back to give it a more rigid shape.

The heel is then assembled with other parts to become part of the ugg boot.

The back of these boots are then put onto an advanced machine that very few competitors use. This machine moulds the heel of the boot into a contoured shape, making it a better fit and more sturdy.

The heel is actually very important in terms of ugg boot construction. The arched nature of the suede heel provides reinforced support to your feet, and provides the ugg boot with a more rigid shape.

We make many different colours and shapes of suede leather heels to accommodate our many ugg boot styles and colours. Because each of our styles is at least slightly different, a different stencil type may need to be used. Also, these heels are made in many different colours to match the colours of our ugg boots.

Stay updated with our blog to learn more about how the ugg boot is made, or visit the Euram Ugg website.