Kangaroo Ugg Scuff

kangaroo-scuff-chestnut-sideWe’ve introduced a new style to our Comfort range of ugg boots and slippers – The Kangaroo Ugg Scuff. This addition does not hold back on style; we’ve chosen to flaunt the unique quality of kangaroo skin by letting it cover the whole upper exterior of the scuff. This achieves a unique and furry Australian look.

Only the highest quality kangaroo skin is used to ensure maximum furriness! As always, Australian sheepskin is also used. This style is made by hand in Australia as well.

The Kangaroo Ugg Scuff is perfect for use within the home, as well as for light outdoor use. For more information or to purchase this style with fast shipping around the globe, please visit the Kangaroo Ugg Scuff product page.

Medi – Now Available in Chocolate

medi-ugg-slipper-chocolate-angleSince the introduction of our Medi Ugg Slipper earlier this year, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback. Our customers commented on how it was suitable for medical purposes. When designing this style, we kept in mind that every person’s feet are unique. Some people need a more roomy fitting (for those with swollen feet). Some people need slippers that are super easy to slip on. Often, standard ugg boots do not address these issues. So taking on board customer feedback, we came up with the Medi Ugg Slipper – this style is exclusively designed and handmade by Euram Ugg in Australia.

A few of our customers commented that they’d like a darker colour as an alternative to the standard Sand colour. So due to popular demand, the Medi Ugg Slipper is now available in Chocolate! This is a darker colour that hides the appearance of dirt more easily.

To find out more about this style or to order a pair online, please visit the Medi Ugg Slipper product page!

Medi – Designed for Medical Purposes

Euram’s Medi Ugg Slipper is a new addition to our range. It was designed to accommodate a broad range of foot types.

A strong velcro strap feature allows the slipper to be easily opened and put on, then tightened according to the individual’s foot size. Foot support comes from the lightweight yet durable EVA sole and the countered, reinforced heel.

The ease in which the Medi Slipper can be put on makes it ideal for those who need assistance to put on shoes. It’s also great for swollen feet. In fact, even people with very narrow feet can wear them. It truly fits pretty much any foot!

The highest grade Australian sheepskin is used in these slippers for maximum comfort. As well as being designed in Australia, it’s also made right here in Melbourne.

For more information or to purchase our Medi Ugg Slipper, please visit its product page.

For Style and Comfort

Canvas Ugg Slipper - Chocolate
Canvas Ugg Slipper – Chocolate

For style and comfort, why not choose the simply designed, easy-to-slip-on Canvas Ugg Slipper?

This is a popular addition to the Euram Ugg range, and boasts only the highest grade Australian sheepskin and workmanship.

Each slipper is handcrafted in Melbourne, arguably the style and fashion capital of Australia.

Pictured is the style in Chocolate. Four other classic hues are available. We make our Canvas Ugg Slippers in sizes AU 4-14.

For more information or to shop online, please view the Canvas Ugg Slipper’s product page at http://shop.euramugg.com.au/Canvas-Ugg-Slipper-CanvasSlipper.htm