Kangaroo Ugg Scuff

kangaroo-scuff-chestnut-sideWe’ve introduced a new style to our Comfort range of ugg boots and slippers – The Kangaroo Ugg Scuff. This addition does not hold back on style; we’ve chosen to flaunt the unique quality of kangaroo skin by letting it cover the whole upper exterior of the scuff. This achieves a unique and furry Australian look.

Only the highest quality kangaroo skin is used to ensure maximum furriness! As always, Australian sheepskin is also used. This style is made by hand in Australia as well.

The Kangaroo Ugg Scuff is perfect for use within the home, as well as for light outdoor use. For more information or to purchase this style with fast shipping around the globe, please visit the Kangaroo Ugg Scuff product page.