Medi – Designed for Medical Purposes

Euram’s Medi Ugg Slipper is a new addition to our range. It was designed to accommodate a broad range of foot types.

A strong velcro strap feature allows the slipper to be easily opened and put on, then tightened according to the individual’s foot size. Foot support comes from the lightweight yet durable EVA sole and the countered, reinforced heel.

The ease in which the Medi Slipper can be put on makes it ideal for those who need assistance to put on shoes. It’s also great for swollen feet. In fact, even people with very narrow feet can wear them. It truly fits pretty much any foot!

The highest grade Australian sheepskin is used in these slippers for maximum comfort. As well as being designed in Australia, it’s also made right here in Melbourne.

For more information or to purchase our Medi Ugg Slipper, please visit its product page.