Denim Ugg Boots

Who says a pair of trousers are the only way denim can be worn? Euram’s Denim 3/4 style makes it look just as good in a pair of ugg boots.

This unique boot is crafted in Australia. To start off, the softest Australian sheepskin is used to form the insides of the boot, providing lasting comfort. A layer of strong and durable washed denim is added to the outside, giving off the defining vintage look.

The rustic look doesn’t stop there, though. Even the small details were considered. The stitching along the seams are rugged yet sturdy. Euram Ugg’s innovative heel counters feature denim as well!

And to top it all off, the Denim 3/4 Ugg is currently $20 off at the Euram Shop.

Click the image to get the Denim 3/4 Ugg for $169.

Eskimo Ugg Boots – Simple and Classical

We’ve been hand-making Eskimo Ugg boots for over a decade in Melbourne. This style is perfect for those who prefer a simple yet high quality option.

Just like when we first started making these boots, only the highest quality twin-faced sheepskin is used. The adjustable lace feature adds practicality, ensuring a snug fitting.

But there are also some new features in the Eskimo Ugg to make it even better. For example, this style comes with our innovative countered heels for optimal reinforcement. If you don’t believe us, we welcome you to come down to one of our stockists to feel the difference.

For more information or to buy online, please visit the Eskimo Ugg product page! (Psst – this item is currently on sale for $189)

eskimo-tall-ugg-chocolate-angle eskimo-tall-ugg-chestnut-side

Glitter – If You Want to Dazzle

Euram’s Glitter ugg boots were a recent addition to our product range. Boasting a glimmering exterior, it’s the perfect shoe for making a statement.

These uggs are designed and made in Australia with locally sourced materials (including the highest quality pure sheepskin). The tailored design and new countered heels also allow for a perfect fit.

Our Glitter uggs and to view our range of stunning colours. They’re available at the Euram Shop or at Australia Sheepskins and Souvenirs.


Get the exclusive Outback Look


This 18cm tall boot is sure to be a head turner. Short and chic, the Outback Ultra Short Ugg boasts prominent metallic features.

Studded with real metal buttons along a suede leather strap, this exclusive Euram style is perfect for making a statement. In addition, the metal rectangular frame adds the finishing touch to this sheepskin boot.

Both style and quality is assured. After all, this product was both designed and handmade in Australia.

The Outback Ultra Short Ugg is available exclusively at the Euram Shop and Australia Sheepskins and Souvenirs stores.

Feeling Blue? Cheer Up With Sky Blue and Aqua Uggs

Sky Blue

The Spectrum Range houses our fun and quirky ugg boot colours.

One of our newest additions is Sky Blue, a shade that’s exclusive to Euram. The defining feature of this style is the contrasting hues of blue. The aqua binding and heel patch add a touch of uniqueness against the delicate and soft sky blue sheepskin.

Alternatively, we have another newly introduced colour called aqua. This is a darker, richer shade that’s sure to impress just as much.

Aqua/Sky Blue

If you can’t choose between these two colours, you can even have them both in our new Aqua/Sky Blue Patchwork Ugg! This style is best worn folded down, so four different shades of blue can be visible.

As with all Euram Ugg boots, Spectrum products are handmade in Australia with high quality twin-faced sheepskin.

To view all of the Spectrum colours, please visit the Classic 3/4 Spectrum Ugg or the Classic 3/4 Patchwork Ugg page.

Medi – Designed for Medical Purposes

Euram’s Medi Ugg Slipper is a new addition to our range. It was designed to accommodate a broad range of foot types.

A strong velcro strap feature allows the slipper to be easily opened and put on, then tightened according to the individual’s foot size. Foot support comes from the lightweight yet durable EVA sole and the countered, reinforced heel.

The ease in which the Medi Slipper can be put on makes it ideal for those who need assistance to put on shoes. It’s also great for swollen feet. In fact, even people with very narrow feet can wear them. It truly fits pretty much any foot!

The highest grade Australian sheepskin is used in these slippers for maximum comfort. As well as being designed in Australia, it’s also made right here in Melbourne.

For more information or to purchase our Medi Ugg Slipper, please visit its product page.


tundra-3-4-black-sideThe Tundra 3/4 Ugg is a new Euram style both designed and made in Australia.

To craft this boot, we firstly select the best materials, such as ‘A’ Grade sheepskin. A shaggy sheepskin cuff is then hand-cut, and the components are assembled together.

Tundra is perfect for even the coldest weather. It’s available in black – a sophisticated shade that matches clothing exceptionally.

This style is available for purchase at our official online shop.

Safari Ugg – A New Euram Style

safari-ugg-chestnutWe have just introduced nearly a dozen new season styles to our collection. One of our favourites is the Safari 3/4 Ugg.

As with all our Euram Ugg boots, this addition is made with the highest quality sheepskin. It is also designed and hand-made in Australia. The sole is made from EVA, which is both lightweight and durable. Our countered and reinforced heels also add extra durability and provide a better fitting.

The Safari 3/4 Ugg is available in two colours – Chestnut and Chocolate. Each option comes with its own unique “leopard-print” sheepskin cuff to add glamour and sophistication.


To find out more about this new style or view more images, please visit the Safari 3/4 product page.

We’ve rebranded to Euram Australia.

We have rebranded to the name Euram. This phrase signifies a lot about us:

  • Firstly, it consists of the phonetic sounds “ewe” and “ram” joined together (the two genders of sheep), resulting in the sound “yoo-ram”.
  • At Euram, we put you first. That’s why the “EU” part of our brand name is spoken the same way as “you” would be pronounced.
  • We’ve rebranded in order to expand our product range as well. Previously with Empire Ugg, we were confined to only selling ugg boots under the brand name. Now, we have combined our various product lines under a common brand name, allowing for more consistency and recognisability.

We have done this because at Euram, we’re all about ewe (pun intended).

The perfect fit for the holiday season

Ugg boots are perfect for Christmas! Place your order before Monday 9/12/13 to ensure delivery before the Christmas break!

We deliver promptly at Euram. Orders should be delivered within a week (depending on your location). However, to ensure on time delivery during the Christmas period, we recommend placing your order by Monday 9/12.

And yes, we can deliver parcels directly to the recipient, anywhere in Australia, for further convenience.

Regal – A New Euram Ugg Style

regal-3-4-sideThe Regal 3/4 Ugg Boot is a new Euram Ugg style. Like all our products, this boot is handmade in Australia with the highest quality sheepskin.

What makes this boot stand out is the prominent and stylish kangaroo skin feature. This furry addition is soft to the touch, just like the pure sheepskin on the inside.

So do you like the new Regal Ugg Boot that features the unique, Australian elements of sheepskin and kangaroo skin? To find out more, please view the Regal 3/4 Ugg product page.