Regal – A New Euram Ugg Style

regal-3-4-sideThe Regal 3/4 Ugg Boot is a new Euram Ugg style. Like all our products, this boot is handmade in Australia with the highest quality sheepskin.

What makes this boot stand out is the prominent and stylish kangaroo skin feature. This furry addition is soft to the touch, just like the pure sheepskin on the inside.

So do you like the new Regal Ugg Boot that features the unique, Australian elements of sheepskin and kangaroo skin? To find out more, please view the Regal 3/4 Ugg product page.

Indiana – A Wild, New Look

At Euram, we’re proud to introduce an all new, exclusive ugg boot style. It’s called Indiana. The Indiana boot is handcrafted in Australia with pure twin-faced sheepskin.

A genuine, high quality cow leather feature is added to the boot’s front and heel, which not only adds style, but also provides extra durability, structure and water resistance.

To find out more about this new style, please view the Indiana 3/4 Ugg product page.

For Style and Comfort

Canvas Ugg Slipper - Chocolate
Canvas Ugg Slipper – Chocolate

For style and comfort, why not choose the simply designed, easy-to-slip-on Canvas Ugg Slipper?

This is a popular addition to the Euram Ugg range, and boasts only the highest grade Australian sheepskin and workmanship.

Each slipper is handcrafted in Melbourne, arguably the style and fashion capital of Australia.

Pictured is the style in Chocolate. Four other classic hues are available. We make our Canvas Ugg Slippers in sizes AU 4-14.

For more information or to shop online, please view the Canvas Ugg Slipper’s product page at

Product Spotlight: Eskimo Tall Ugg

Eskimo Tall Empire Ugg Boots - Chestnut
Eskimo Tall Empire Ugg Boots – Chestnut

Our Eskimo Tall Ugg’s are designed to provide optimal warmth and comfort. This style is a Euram Ugg classic, and has remained very popular throughout the years.

Eskimo Tall Ugg boots are available in four stunning colours. The one pictured is Chestnut.

Furthermore, the defining lace and cuff features add a touch of style and practicality. The lace makes the boot adjustable and easy to slip on, whilst the cuff adds flair to the boot.

To find out more about our Eskimo Tall Ugg Boots, please visit

The Practicality of the Ugg Boot

Ugg boots have their origins in Australia, and have been around since at least the 1930s. However, it was not until the late 1990s that they became hugely popular, and gained prominence in areas such as the US and UK. With all this hype, you must think that there must be something really special about ugg boots, right?

Well, that’s absolutely correct. Sheepskin ugg boots are not only comfy, but they are highly practical as well. How many times have you wanted to go out in public in comfort? With ugg boots, style does not have to be sacrificed to be comfortable.

Coloured Ugg Boots
Some Empire Ugg boots at “Australia Sheepskins and Souvenirs Preston”.

Genuine ugg boots made with Australian merino sheepskin often last for ages! For example, at our Australia Sheepskins and Souvenirs stores, we have often had our customers come back after over a decade remarking that their Euram Ugg boots have lasted all that time! The ugg boots that use only the best sheepskin really do last that long! Even though they might be at a higher price, quality is assured so they act like an investment – they’re better off in the long term.

Did we mention that sheepskin fibres are unique in that they insulate in those cold winter months, but have a unique moisture-wicking ability to be cool in summer? They help maintain body temperature in the coldest of conditions! Your boots should not have odours like other types of shoes because air circulation and the moisture-wicking abilities help keep your feet dry! That means ugg boots are suitable for everyday wear (and this is why many people don’t wear socks with their boots)!

Ugg boots have come a long way over the years. Our Euram Ugg boots have seen some redesigns over the years to ensure that construction is the best that it can be, and foot growth is not hindered like other ugg boot brands (this is especially true with many counterfeits, as you can read here).

Ugg boots have become somewhat of a modern Australian icon. To express your love for Australia, these boots are perfect! So flaunt style and comfort with a pair of ugg boots today!

Australia Sheepskins and Souvenirs has stores in Coburg and Preston, in Melbourne, Australia. Their line of ugg boots is ‘Euram Ugg’, and they are made in Australia.