Denim Ugg Boots

Who says a pair of trousers are the only way denim can be worn? Euram’s Denim 3/4 style makes it look just as good in a pair of ugg boots.

This unique boot is crafted in Australia. To start off, the softest Australian sheepskin is used to form the insides of the boot, providing lasting comfort. A layer of strong and durable washed denim is added to the outside, giving off the defining vintage look.

The rustic look doesn’t stop there, though. Even the small details were considered. The stitching along the seams are rugged yet sturdy. Euram Ugg’s innovative heel counters feature denim as well!

And to top it all off, the Denim 3/4 Ugg is currently $20 off at the Euram Shop.

Click the image to get the Denim 3/4 Ugg for $169.

Indiana – A Wild, New Look

At Euram, we’re proud to introduce an all new, exclusive ugg boot style. It’s called Indiana. The Indiana boot is handcrafted in Australia with pure twin-faced sheepskin.

A genuine, high quality cow leather feature is added to the boot’s front and heel, which not only adds style, but also provides extra durability, structure and water resistance.

To find out more about this new style, please view the Indiana 3/4 Ugg product page.

Goulden: Classic and Fun

Is your favourite colour Goulden? This ugg boot colour is slightly darker than our Grey ugg boots, and has emerged recently as a popular ugg colour.

Classic Tall Ugg – Goulden

Goulden sways a little away from our typical ugg colours, but still possesses the look of a classic boot. It’s perfect for any occasion, and blends in well with most types of clothing, especially those of darker hues.

Pictured is the Classic Tall Ugg in the Goulden variety.

Euram Ugg boots are available in over a dozen other colours. To see what colours we have, please view our colour chart. We’ve also provided a little bit of information about each of the colours that could help you decide which colour ugg boots best suits you.