Tomato – Our New Ugg Boot Colour

Tomato is a new ugg boot colour that is available in selected Euram styles.

It is a rich yet vibrant addition to our classic range of colours, which already contains over ten different shades.

Choose Your Sole

The EVA sole to the left, and the Rubber + EVA sole to the right.

For many styles in our Euram Ugg Collection, you have a choice between our standard EVA sole or our new Rubber + EVA sole.

We understand that many people like to wear their ugg boots in the comfort of their own home. They may even like to wear them outdoors occasionally. For these comfort-lovers, we recommend an EVA sole. The EVA sole is around half as light as our Rubber + EVA sole, so maximum comfort can be achieved.

For those who like to flaunt their boots outdoors, the Rubber + EVA sole is another great choice. This type of sole is strengthened with a thermoplastic rubber base, so is hard-wearing and provides more traction on the ground. Yet, the EVA component helps it still stay lightweight.

For more information about our new soles, please view our product page about Euram’s sole materials.

Sheepskin Jackets and Vests

sheepskin-vest-sand-frontWe’ve introduced a range of new sheepskin jackets and vests to the Euram online store. These styles are made with genuine Australian sheepskin. The highest quality materials, including twin-faced sheepskin, are chosen because we believe that quality matters.

As a result, these jackets are durable and warm. The Sheepskin Nappa Bomber Jacket is even water resistant, making it the perfect choice for a variety of harsh outdoor environments.


The Sheepskin Vest is a sleeveless alternative that offers three pockets for extra storage.

For a limited time, these jackets and vests will be on sale at the Euram Online Shop.

International Shipping Now Available

We’ve got good news for all international lovers of Euram Australia! Our official online shop, where we sell our exclusive sheepskin products, now offers international shipping to most countries around the world!

So whether you live nearby or halfway across the world, we’ve got you covered!


Medi – Now Available in Chocolate

medi-ugg-slipper-chocolate-angleSince the introduction of our Medi Ugg Slipper earlier this year, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback. Our customers commented on how it was suitable for medical purposes. When designing this style, we kept in mind that every person’s feet are unique. Some people need a more roomy fitting (for those with swollen feet). Some people need slippers that are super easy to slip on. Often, standard ugg boots do not address these issues. So taking on board customer feedback, we came up with the Medi Ugg Slipper – this style is exclusively designed and handmade by Euram Ugg in Australia.

A few of our customers commented that they’d like a darker colour as an alternative to the standard Sand colour. So due to popular demand, the Medi Ugg Slipper is now available in Chocolate! This is a darker colour that hides the appearance of dirt more easily.

To find out more about this style or to order a pair online, please visit the Medi Ugg Slipper product page!

Anatomically Correct Shoe Designs

These specially designed stencils are used when making Euram ugg boots.
These specially designed stencils are used when making Euram ugg boots.

Over Euram Ugg’s 13 year history, we have improved and refined our shoe designs to make them as anatomically correct as possible.

We believe that ugg boots should provide a great fitting. They should be comfortable and supportive to the foot’s structure. Therefore, we have devoted hours upon hours of effort to improve the designs of our boots.

Sometimes, the changes are minor. The shoe patterns may be changed slightly to make them look more visually appealing. Other times, we introduce bigger changes. For example, our products are among one of the only boots with innovative countered heel technology, which provides an anti-slip support and a better fitting to the heel.

Although the changes in our designs are often small, bit by bit, they make a noticeable difference in both comfort and quality. Today, our boots are among the longest lasting and most luxurious available.

Denim Ugg Boots

Who says a pair of trousers are the only way denim can be worn? Euram’s Denim 3/4 style makes it look just as good in a pair of ugg boots.

This unique boot is crafted in Australia. To start off, the softest Australian sheepskin is used to form the insides of the boot, providing lasting comfort. A layer of strong and durable washed denim is added to the outside, giving off the defining vintage look.

The rustic look doesn’t stop there, though. Even the small details were considered. The stitching along the seams are rugged yet sturdy. Euram Ugg’s innovative heel counters feature denim as well!

And to top it all off, the Denim 3/4 Ugg is currently $20 off at the Euram Shop.

Click the image to get the Denim 3/4 Ugg for $169.

Glitter – If You Want to Dazzle

Euram’s Glitter ugg boots were a recent addition to our product range. Boasting a glimmering exterior, it’s the perfect shoe for making a statement.

These uggs are designed and made in Australia with locally sourced materials (including the highest quality pure sheepskin). The tailored design and new countered heels also allow for a perfect fit.

Our Glitter uggs and to view our range of stunning colours. They’re available at the Euram Shop or at Australia Sheepskins and Souvenirs.


Feeling Blue? Cheer Up With Sky Blue and Aqua Uggs

Sky Blue

The Spectrum Range houses our fun and quirky ugg boot colours.

One of our newest additions is Sky Blue, a shade that’s exclusive to Euram. The defining feature of this style is the contrasting hues of blue. The aqua binding and heel patch add a touch of uniqueness against the delicate and soft sky blue sheepskin.

Alternatively, we have another newly introduced colour called aqua. This is a darker, richer shade that’s sure to impress just as much.

Aqua/Sky Blue

If you can’t choose between these two colours, you can even have them both in our new Aqua/Sky Blue Patchwork Ugg! This style is best worn folded down, so four different shades of blue can be visible.

As with all Euram Ugg boots, Spectrum products are handmade in Australia with high quality twin-faced sheepskin.

To view all of the Spectrum colours, please visit the Classic 3/4 Spectrum Ugg or the Classic 3/4 Patchwork Ugg page.


tundra-3-4-black-sideThe Tundra 3/4 Ugg is a new Euram style both designed and made in Australia.

To craft this boot, we firstly select the best materials, such as ‘A’ Grade sheepskin. A shaggy sheepskin cuff is then hand-cut, and the components are assembled together.

Tundra is perfect for even the coldest weather. It’s available in black – a sophisticated shade that matches clothing exceptionally.

This style is available for purchase at our official online shop.

Safari Ugg – A New Euram Style

safari-ugg-chestnutWe have just introduced nearly a dozen new season styles to our collection. One of our favourites is the Safari 3/4 Ugg.

As with all our Euram Ugg boots, this addition is made with the highest quality sheepskin. It is also designed and hand-made in Australia. The sole is made from EVA, which is both lightweight and durable. Our countered and reinforced heels also add extra durability and provide a better fitting.

The Safari 3/4 Ugg is available in two colours – Chestnut and Chocolate. Each option comes with its own unique “leopard-print” sheepskin cuff to add glamour and sophistication.


To find out more about this new style or view more images, please visit the Safari 3/4 product page.

Sometimes, simple is best

Euram Ugg’s classic range of sheepskin boots are simply designed. Yet, they’ve remained the most popular style throughout the history of ugg boots.

Simplicity does not equate to blandness though. Pictured are our Classic Ultra Short Ugg boots in Chocolate, Chestnut and Sand. There are also many other colours available, such as red, navy, green and raisin. These colours are enough to make any boot stand out.

All boots in our Classic range are actually quite complicated. They’ve been designed meticulously in order to contour the natural arches of different kinds of feet. The boots are made with a reinforced, countered heels for added structure and a snugger fitting. All this has been done whilst keeping the design simple, yet attractive.

To view our product range, please visit