Eskimo Ugg Boots – Simple and Classical

We’ve been hand-making Eskimo Ugg boots for over a decade in Melbourne. This style is perfect for those who prefer a simple yet high quality option.

Just like when we first started making these boots, only the highest quality twin-faced sheepskin is used. The adjustable lace feature adds practicality, ensuring a snug fitting.

But there are also some new features in the Eskimo Ugg to make it even better. For example, this style comes with our innovative countered heels for optimal reinforcement. If you don’t believe us, we welcome you to come down to one of our stockists to feel the difference.

For more information or to buy online, please visit the Eskimo Ugg product page! (Psst – this item is currently on sale for $189)

eskimo-tall-ugg-chocolate-angle eskimo-tall-ugg-chestnut-side

Sometimes, simple is best

Euram Ugg’s classic range of sheepskin boots are simply designed. Yet, they’ve remained the most popular style throughout the history of ugg boots.

Simplicity does not equate to blandness though. Pictured are our Classic Ultra Short Ugg boots in Chocolate, Chestnut and Sand. There are also many other colours available, such as red, navy, green and raisin. These colours are enough to make any boot stand out.

All boots in our Classic range are actually quite complicated. They’ve been designed meticulously in order to contour the natural arches of different kinds of feet. The boots are made with a reinforced, countered heels for added structure and a snugger fitting. All this has been done whilst keeping the design simple, yet attractive.

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New Spectrum Colour: Orchid Pink

classic-ultra-short-spectrum-ugg-orchid-pink-angleWho says we have to dress drab and dull during the winter? Why can’t we express our bright and fun personality and relieve ourselves from the winter blues?

The Orchid Pink ugg boot, part of our Spectrum Range of colours, is perfect for making a bold statement. This colour is bright, and almost fluorescent, so it’s sure to garner attention.

Pictured is the Classic Ultra Short Ugg in Orchid Pink. To read more about it, please view its product page.

Euram Ugg boots are now available in dozens of colours. To view our range of available shades, please visit our Colour Chart page!