New Style: Single Button Ugg

Single Button Ugg - Chocolate - Empire Ugg Boots
Single Button Ugg – Chocolate – Empire Ugg Boots

At Euram, we have a range of new season styles that are perfect for the cold winter. Pictured is our new Single Button Ugg Boot. This style is available in an array of size and colour combinations.

It is simply styled with a round and prominent button. The button is hand-stitched onto the boot, and a piece of elastic wraps around this feature to fasten the sides in place. The stretch from the elastic allows the boot to contour the shape of your leg, and it also allows the boot to be easily put on.

A Grade, twin-faced sheepskin is used, ensuring the highest levels of comfort and warmth. As with all Euram Ugg boots, our Single Button Ugg is handcrafted with care in Melbourne, Australia to the highest quality standards.

Feel free to find out more information about the Single Button Ugg by viewing its product page at our Euram Ugg Boots Shop.