tundra-3-4-black-sideThe Tundra 3/4 Ugg is a new Euram style both designed and made in Australia.

To craft this boot, we firstly select the best materials, such as ‘A’ Grade sheepskin. A shaggy sheepskin cuff is then hand-cut, and the components are assembled together.

Tundra is perfect for even the coldest weather. It’s available in black – a sophisticated shade that matches clothing exceptionally.

This style is available for purchase at our official online shop.

Regal – A New Euram Ugg Style

regal-3-4-sideThe Regal 3/4 Ugg Boot is a new Euram Ugg style. Like all our products, this boot is handmade in Australia with the highest quality sheepskin.

What makes this boot stand out is the prominent and stylish kangaroo skin feature. This furry addition is soft to the touch, just like the pure sheepskin on the inside.

So do you like the new Regal Ugg Boot that features the unique, Australian elements of sheepskin and kangaroo skin? To find out more, please view the Regal 3/4 Ugg product page.