Classic Ultra Short Ugg Boots


3 (M2, W4)
4 (M3, W5)
5 (M4, W6)
6 (M5, W7)
7 (M6, W8)
8 (M7, W9)
9 (M8, W10)
10 (M9, W11)
11 (M10, W12)
12 (M11, W13)
13 (M12, W14)
14 (M13, W15)
Aqua Blue-Green
Orchid Pink
Sky Blue
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This is the original, and one of our most popular ugg boot styles. The Classic Ultra Short Ugg is loved by so many for a number of reasons. Our boots are made with Australian twin-faced sheepskin, so quality is unparalleled. The manufacturing process is still completed in Australia (even after all these years), so we can ensure Euram’s stringent quality standards are met. We’ve also introduced our innovative countered heels to provide a better fitting and more support to the foot.

– Australian, A Grade, Twin-faced Sheepskin
– Eco-tanned (better for the environment)
– Approx. 18cm tall*
– Reinforced Countered Heel
– Durable, lightweight, flexible EVA sole
– Handcrafted in Melbourne, Australia

* height varies depending on size


Sizing Information

Our footwear is available in whole sizes, so we suggest that you round up if in between sizes.

Since sheepskin is a soft leather, it has the tendency to stretch a little after wear. So initially, they should feel a bit more snug.


3 M2, W4 M2.5, W4 M2, W2 34 21.0cm (8.3″)
4 M3, W5 M3.5, W5 M3, W3 35 21.8cm (8.6″)
5 M4, W6 M4.5, W6 M4, W4 36 22.8cm (9.0″)
6 M5, W7 M5.5, W7 M5, W5 37 23.6cm (9.3″)
7 M6, W8 M6.5, W8 M6, W6 38 24.6cm (9.7″)
8 M7, W9 M7.5, W9 M7, W7 39 25.3cm (10.0″)
9 M8, W10 M8.5, W10 M8, W8 40.5 26.5cm (10.4″)
10 M9, W11 M9.5, W11 M9, W9 42 27.0cm (10.6″)
11 M10, W12 M10.5, W12 M10, W10 43 27.8cm (10.9″)
12 M11, W13 M11.5, W13 M11, W11 44.5 28.6cm (11.3″)
13 M12, W14 M12.5, W14 M12, W12 46 29.6cm (11.7″)
14 M13, W15 M13.5, W15 M13, W13 47 30.3cm (12.0″)


5 4 5 4 20.5 12.8cm (5″)
6 5 6 5 22 13.5cm (5.3″)
7 6 7 6 23  14.3cm (5.6″)
8 7 8 7 24 15cm (5.9″)
9 8 9 8 25.5 15.6cm (6.2″)
10 9 10 9 27 16.7cm (6.6″)
11 10 11 10 28 17.6cm (6.9″)
12 11 12 11 29 18.2cm (7.2″)
13 12 13 12 30.5 19.0cm (7.5″)
1 13 1 13 32 19.8cm (7.8″)
2 1 2 1 33 20.5cm (8.1″)

When measuring bare foot length, please measure from the heel to the tip of the big toe (on the bigger foot). If your foot falls between measurements, you can round up or down, depending on how snug or loose you would like your boots to be. You can round up if you wear thick socks with your uggs.

The best way to measure your foot is to mark the ends of your footprint on a blank sheet of paper and measure from there. If you need any further assistance, feel free to contact us.

For kids, follow the same steps as above. However, we recommend rounding up if landing in between our measurements.

NOTE: These charts are intended as a guide only and have been compiled to the best of our knowledge. Because your feet are unique, you may prefer a size that is slightly different to the size listed above.



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