Anatomically Correct Shoe Designs

These specially designed stencils are used when making Euram ugg boots.
These specially designed stencils are used when making Euram ugg boots.

Over Euram Ugg’s 13 year history, we have improved and refined our shoe designs to make them as anatomically correct as possible.

We believe that ugg boots should provide a great fitting. They should be comfortable and supportive to the foot’s structure. Therefore, we have devoted hours upon hours of effort to improve the designs of our boots.

Sometimes, the changes are minor. The shoe patterns may be changed slightly to make them look more visually appealing. Other times, we introduce bigger changes. For example, our products are among one of the only boots with innovative countered heel technology, which provides an anti-slip support and a better fitting to the heel.

Although the changes in our designs are often small, bit by bit, they make a noticeable difference in both comfort and quality. Today, our boots are among the longest lasting and most luxurious available.

Countered Heels – The New Standard of Ugg Boots

Euram Ugg's innovative heel counter
Euram Ugg’s innovative heel counter

The heel counter (the rigid area at the heel of many types of footwear) is arguably the most important part of sheepskin ugg boots. It provides support and aligns the foot so  that the wearer can remain comfortable.

Euram Ugg’s new countered heels undergo heat treatment, where the heel board is heated to nearly 200 degrees Celsius then cooled quickly, “freezing” it into a contoured shape that fits naturally around the heel of your foot.

The new heels not only retain their shape for much longer, but look much better!

For more information about the new standard in heel countering processes, visit the “Countered Heels” page!

About Australian Merino Sheepskin

The Big Merino is a way in which Australians express love for merino sheepskin.
The Big Merino is a way in which Australians express love for merino sheepskin.

Merino sheepskin is largely classified as an Australian icon. Since the 18th century in Australia, merino sheep have been an integral aspect of Australia. Because Australia’s merino sheep were prized for their wool, the sheepskin industry became an import aspect not only culturally, but economically as well.

Today, Australian merino sheepskin is classified as being of the very best in the world. They have soft and dense piles that are perfect for insulation. That’s why Merino sheepskin has become so popular, and is used in many ugg boots today (including all of our Euram Ugg boots).

Australian Merino sheepskin is expensive, so many ugg boot manufacturers do not use this material in their products. However, reducing costs this way also hinders product quality, so we’ve chosen to not cut any corners to deliver only the best to our customers.

Sheepskin is unique. Its fibres are suitable for clothing and apparel, and insulate the body even in the coldest conditions. The way in which air is able to circulate between the fibres also allows breathability, meaning that it’s suitable all year round.

All Euram Ugg boots are made in Australia with Australian merino sheepskin. When purchasing ugg boots and sheepskin apparel, always ensure that the product is made with only the very best – Australian merino sheepskin.

The Practicality of the Ugg Boot

Ugg boots have their origins in Australia, and have been around since at least the 1930s. However, it was not until the late 1990s that they became hugely popular, and gained prominence in areas such as the US and UK. With all this hype, you must think that there must be something really special about ugg boots, right?

Well, that’s absolutely correct. Sheepskin ugg boots are not only comfy, but they are highly practical as well. How many times have you wanted to go out in public in comfort? With ugg boots, style does not have to be sacrificed to be comfortable.

Coloured Ugg Boots
Some Empire Ugg boots at “Australia Sheepskins and Souvenirs Preston”.

Genuine ugg boots made with Australian merino sheepskin often last for ages! For example, at our Australia Sheepskins and Souvenirs stores, we have often had our customers come back after over a decade remarking that their Euram Ugg boots have lasted all that time! The ugg boots that use only the best sheepskin really do last that long! Even though they might be at a higher price, quality is assured so they act like an investment – they’re better off in the long term.

Did we mention that sheepskin fibres are unique in that they insulate in those cold winter months, but have a unique moisture-wicking ability to be cool in summer? They help maintain body temperature in the coldest of conditions! Your boots should not have odours like other types of shoes because air circulation and the moisture-wicking abilities help keep your feet dry! That means ugg boots are suitable for everyday wear (and this is why many people don’t wear socks with their boots)!

Ugg boots have come a long way over the years. Our Euram Ugg boots have seen some redesigns over the years to ensure that construction is the best that it can be, and foot growth is not hindered like other ugg boot brands (this is especially true with many counterfeits, as you can read here).

Ugg boots have become somewhat of a modern Australian icon. To express your love for Australia, these boots are perfect! So flaunt style and comfort with a pair of ugg boots today!

Australia Sheepskins and Souvenirs has stores in Coburg and Preston, in Melbourne, Australia. Their line of ugg boots is ‘Euram Ugg’, and they are made in Australia.

Order Online, Pick Up In Store

Did you know that you can use the Euram Ugg web store in the convenience of your own home, and pick up your product once it’s ready in store?

This means that you would receive your products at least a few days earlier than you would otherwise because you would not have factor in the delivery time. We provide this service at absolutely no cost, and it takes only 1-3 working days to process your order.

We understand that you might prefer the added convenience of delivery straight to your door. That’s why you can also choose to have your purchase shipped at no extra cost as well (for orders over A$159). You will still receive your order within 2-7 working days, depending on your location.

You can choose to pick up your order at any of our Australia Sheepskins and Souvenirs stores, in the Melbourne Metro area.

Stop Counterfeit Uggs

Counterfeiting is illegal. However, there are still many counterfeit ugg boots around. Counterfeiting hurts businesses financially who seek to do the right thing and sell genuine products. It hurts Australian manufacturing jobs because real Euram Ugg boots are made in Melbourne, but fake ones are most likely not.

Obviously, quality sheepskin and craftsmanship cannot be exhibited in cheap knock-offs because high grade sheepskin and Australian labour is expensive. There have been numerous instances where fake ugg boots have hindered foot growth.

We urge you to buy real ugg boots. This is not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it would be a long term investment. Real Euram Ugg boots last for ages, whilst fake ones would probably break with a few days or weeks.

To find our more and learn about how to spot a counterfeit, please visit out ‘Counterfeit Education’ page.